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Ticket selling platform


Intercity bus tickets selling to more than 10M visitors of GetByBus.com
Presents your lines in 15 languages
Get feedback from customers

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GetByBus.com includes



Customer care

in 6 languages


Reach new audience

GetByBus mobile application

Bus ticket selling app with more than 25k installations
Display real time route info
Present your lines in 6 languages
Available on IOS and Android

App store Google play

Never miss a thing

operational interface

Have all the real time data in the palm of your hand
Check each channel sales instantly
Monitor your bus load
Track your bus using GPS
Prevent overbooking / react to underbooking


Advanced administration

bus company management

Manage your drivers, vehicles and routes
See real-time sales reports for all channels
Plan your bus load days before the departure
Add a larger or a second bus to your route when needed
Adjust your prices and add different discounts to boost sales

Free white label bus ticket shop

ticket shop

Sell tickets on your web pages using our core system

Present your lines in at least 5 languages or more

Implement search widget to push sales from other channels

ticket shop

Each driver is connected to our central system

Pos devices

Android POS app used by the driver (Tablet or smartphone version)

Check web tickets by scanning QR code off paper or smartphones

Sell tickets on the bus

Support return tickets discounts

share your data to other providers

data api

Maintain your routes & pricing data on only one platform

Share your data with third parties

Manage sales & provisions for all of your partners


Get your ticket sold by agency clerks

agency interface

Web interface for your partner agencies
Partners can sell tickets at their outpost locations
Define allotments and provisions for agencies
Set credit limit for partners
Get daily sales reports

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